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    Shenzhen Sanying Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a research and development, production equipment over the past 20 years, Taiwan-funded enterprises. PCB type franchise series of plate-making equipment, and microcomputer equipment.The company's production and operation of the "three British" brand products,
the introduction of international high-quality components, high reliability, high stability, low-priced by the market's favor and trust of its customers comprehensive after-sales service.....
    Because of their
dreams,the pursuit of more than; because of the pursuit and prosperous; only by constantly challenging limits, be possible to create a miracle....
· Yang Cheng (Foshan) Technology Co., Ltd.
· Jiangmen Rongxin Circuit Board Co., Ltd
· Xingying Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
· Jiangxi Mu Linsen Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd.
· Rui sound precision electronic Mu Yang Limited
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